The Arizona Chapter of US Lacrosse is one of 63 regional representatives of US Lacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse. Our chapter offers a nonpartisan resource for the support and growth of lacrosse in the Southwest Region of the USA

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(Editor’s Note……..this page will be updated periodically and will remain as part of the web site simply so future players, coaches and fans can have a perspective of the history of our game here in Arizona.)
Last update May 24, 2011
1996………The Phoenix Youth Lacrosse League (PYLL)----an all boys league, we thought-----was founded in the Fall of 1996 when Carl Johnson of Phoenix took the initiative to get former coaches/players and interested parties together to discuss starting a boy's youth league. That meeting in Casa Grande included representatives from Tucson and Phoenix.
1997……….A core group of Phoenix people, headed by Carl Johnson, Rich McAbee, Paul Imhoff and Lou Kissling, got the league off the ground. 4 junior high school teams were formed for play in the Spring of 1997. But this league was formed BEFORE the AZ Chapter of USL was officially up and running, so we probably were illegal in the early years.

1998…………These four expanded to 10 teams in 1998, with a sometimes awkward combination of JHS and HS kids (with vastly different sizes and grades) trying to play together. And the "all boys league" noticed that some gals were playing on the teams and this was something the league had to......ponder 

1999……..The growth in 1998 continued into the 1999 season, requiring separate HS and JHS divisions, consisting of 10 high schools (9th grade and up) and 8 junior high schools.

2000……. the league had 22 teams----14 high school and 8 junior high school - with our first team from Tucson! Dan May, an AYLL rep from Tucson, helped start the TYL------the Tucson Youth Lacrosse which operates as an entity within AYLL. And, we officially incorporated as the Arizona Chapter of US Lacrosse (ACUSL) and the boy's league name was changed to the Arizona Youth Lacrosse League (AYLL) to reflect the expansion beyond Phoenix.

2001........the women's league was started under the auspices of the AZ Chapter. This league, called the Arizona girl's Lacrosse Association (AGLA), was founded by XXXX and ZZZZZ. Like the boys league (AYLL), they have expanded from a modest beginning of 4 teams to over 22 (Varsity & JV) 10 years later, the Chapter oversees the two leagues.......
------AGLA (girl's) with 14 HS teams,  and 8 HS JV teams, and about XXX players, and
------AYLL (boys) with 25 HS teams, 24 HS JV teams, 25 JHS teams, and 10 squads in the U6 program. and over 1,900 players total.